The Stage is set: Guess who’s starring in an upcoming short film…


Do you want 3 guesses or is 1 enough?

A few months ago I joined Stage 32. As per their own site, they are ‘The Premier Social Network for Film, Television and Theater’. In my own terms, they are the LinkedIn and Facebook for screenwriters, producers and directors to connect.

And boy do they live up to the hype. Only last week did I decide to take it seriously and load the loglines for my four screenplays. Since then I have participated in pitches and introductions whereby you get to meet others on the system.

And that is how I ended up meeting Ronnie Banerjee, a Canadian film producer that is listed on IMDB as having worked on several films. Although I am profiled as a screenwriter and author, Ronnie displayed an interest in me taking part in a short film he is working on with some well known actors. I can’t give any more details than that, other than my plans to work with Cape Town’s own Director of Photography, Brent Peters, this weekend for principle photography.

Am I now moving from writing to performing? No, I don’t see myself as a permanent actor, but I do see this as opening the gates for me to enter the industry and thereby share my scripts with film professionals. Ronnie and I are already having some informal discussions regarding my projects and I am hoping that through further networking I might be able to get someone to produce them (since reaching out to South African producers has failed so far). You would think, with the current state of the country, that S.A. would welcome its own talent. Oh well….

I will keep you updated on the film’s progress as much as I can when I am able to…


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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