Crazy Weekend Sale: Celenic Earth Epic Fantasy Novels


Yes, you read right. This weekend I am celebrating the achievement of being published as an author by discounting the sales price of my printed novels.

This new technological age has moved everyone towards readers and apps, and I have noticed a trend in the ebooks being purchased, while the print copies are ignored. I want to celebrate the printed work in hardcopy form before the world does away with it completely one day.

Here are the discounted prices for the hardcopy novels, with their standard price in brackets:

The Windfarer: R180 (R250)

The DragonRider: R180 (250)

The Sadgi: R200 (R270)

Complete Set: R550 (R700)

For orders in South Africa, postage cost will be covered. but for international orders I will need to include a further cost for postage, as it is quite expensive to send overseas.

Please remember that this discount is only for this weekend and prices will revert back to normal on Monday 4 July 2016.

Orders can be made by clicking on the buttons below, or by emailing with the subject line : Celenic Earth Discount if you would like to arrange EFT payment.


Windfarer  >  Buy  DragonRider >  Buy  Sadgi>  Buy

Complete Set >  Buy


Windfarer > Buy Now Button   DragonRider > Buy Now Button  Sadgi > Buy Now Button

Complete Set > Buy Now Button

Would you like to know more about the epic fantasy series, claiming me the title of the new Tolkien in South Africa? Visit my Purchase Novels pages and the Visual Glossaries from the top menu of this site to see more details. Also please visit my Amazon and Loot links.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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