The Scope of “Silent Hill: Betrayal” Novel

(Image created on Photoshop by Shaun M Jooste ©2016)

For those of you who might think this novel will be like the films, where the key focus will only be the characters, central themes and main storyline….

…think again…

As much as I am trying to keep this novel size from becoming epic, I am also ensuring that there is some decent quality to the core mechanics similar to that that can be found in the games.

For those who are not so familiar with the game series, while travelling to each location you need to follow clues and solve puzzles to proceed to the next areas or unlock the rest of the story.

And this is exactly what I am going for, except with a slight twist. You see, in games you can create any puzzles that could just leave the players marveling at how brilliant / dumb they could be. There are times when these serve no function than just to slow you down and give you some intellectual action before the story progresses.

I’ve changed that approach…

In the novel, I am definitely keeping the mechanics and clues, and also using them to allow the protagonist to find answers to his many questions. Yet, each location’s puzzles are relevant to the people that have had some involvement in the antagonist’s agony. They are also very relevant to each sub-plot and tied in with the main storyline… like a golden thread throughout.

For Silent Hill fans, it is known that it is this kind of mechanic that has made the franchise so popular with psychological terror and analysis. It delves deep into the mind and sends the protagonist on a journey he probably wish he never needed to take.

For each act of the novel not only reveals something about the people involved in the sinful acts, but reflects something of his own nature too…

And after this Act 2, Trevor is going to realise that his initial objective of finding the others and escaping Silent Hill is about to change… there is so much more at stake…

The Count of Celenic Earth


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