“Resilience” book series grows stronger – 9 Factions defined

Resilience DoaNW

Have you ever heard the phrase… you know, the one of turning lemons into lemonade? Well, this is what happens when Bethesda studios turns down your offer to novelise one of their games, in this case Fallout 4. Instead of utterly disappointing me, it made me want to create my own series in a similar vein.

Of course, not everyone knows what the Fallout game series is about, so let me advise you. The essential background is that the earth is almost utterly destroyed during a nuclear fallout between the U.S. and China regarding resources. The U.S. has created ‘Vaults’, where certain citizens would be homed in cryogenic pods to keep them alive while the radiation on the surface dissipates to a point where it is habitable again.

Each game in the series is focused on a different protagonist and storyline. I can’t tell you much about the rest of the series, but in Fallout 4 (Bethesda’s beautiful creation which is as awesome as Skyrim) the hero wakes up after 200 years in containment, and seeks out to find his son who was unfrozen / defrosted some time before him.

And therein lies the joy of creating a whole new world out of the ashes of the old one, which is where my excitement for writing a series like this come from. It led me to wonder what Cape Town would be like had that world catastrophe happened to us. And so, in the wake of my failed discussions with Bethesda, the ‘Resilience’ series is born.

Recently, in a break from working on “Silent Hill: Betrayal” novel (thanks Konami and Ster-Kinekor Entertainment for that permission at least), I decided to work a bit on the concept for the series. I have made notes on the apocalyptic event that takes place, which will be a sequence of events starting at political, then religious, then racial and finally, the final event which will be the battle for global power.

I won’t give too much away at this point, but the final action will result in nuclear carnage in a manner that is very different from Fallout 4. In the aftermath, several factions / groups will vie for control of the various wards or districts in Cape Town. By the time the protagonist awakes from his comatose state, many of the factions would have settled themselves in, but there will still be Risk (the boardgame) type skirmishes taking places to grow their span of control.

The work done so far includes the determination of the various types of factions, the weapons that each prefer as well as their armour and gauntlet classes. It also includes the hero’s roll in the events that lead to the apocalypse and why he is so hated when he awakens. It really will be novels on survival with almost no support, in an effort to show how much resilience a human has when needed.

The next work on the novel will feature the types of random creatures that can be found, as well as the division of the wards and allocation of the factions. Watch this space for further updates.


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth



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