Silent Hill:Betrayal – The Weekend Ahead


Tomorrow, 16 June 2016, South Africa celebrates Youth Day, which means it is a public holiday for us. It also means for some of us that it is a long weekend ahead… and something wonderful this way comes.

I’m going to be spending quality time on writing “Silent Hill: Betrayal” further, among other things (such as precious family time). Trevor has just reached Alchemical Hospital, and is about to meet someone he never expected to find in Silent Hill. This location takes up the bulk of Act 2, and certain mysteries start to unravel and he gets a better understanding of what is happening in the town, and why he has been brought there.

I will also have the chance to develop the sketches for the next SneakPeak Sunday, which will feature the creatures from Act 1, and some more weapons for Act 2. I will also be doing some design concepts of the locations for the first two Acts, as well as some preliminary sketches on the characters so far. Finally, I will be releasing an adapted Halo of the Sun design, specifically catered for this novel.

So buckle your seatbelt and expect to get some goodies from me this Father’s Day!


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth

Silent Hill Poster


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