Poem gets me Elite Writer 2016 award for Annual Poet Showcase


In 2014, I wrote a poem called “The Journey”, whereby I had written a romantic poem to see if I still could. The last poem I had written was in 2002, which was my 564th poem at that point in my life. I saw a call for poems to be included in an annual digest of best poets and decided to give it a try.

Since that entry, the poem has obtained for me inclusion in the following:

  • Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly (April 2015)
  • “Top 100 Poems of the Year Awards” (Oct 2015)
  • “From the Heart: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Poets” (Jan 2016)

I am glad to announce that “The Journey” has just obtained for me the achievement of  the Elite Writer 2016 award in the 2016 Annual Poet Showcase and Yearbook by Poetry First Publishing.

When I originally wrote this poem, it sincerely was just to see if I could dig deep enough into my cryptic emotions to pull some words out. It remains the only poem I have shared publicly (excluding the prophetic poems found in my novels), until such time that I publish my volume of poems.

And as a special treat, since I retained the rights to my poem, I am now sharing it with all of you:


“The Journey”

I’ve never had to try so hard.

I’ve sailed the Milky Way and danced on the rings of Saturn.

Once I thought you spotted in the midst of Jupiter’s cloudy patterns.

Yet, I never thought I would have to travel so far

Just to feel the touch of your light upon my cold skin,

You’re taking me to places I’ve never been.


I’ve never had to dig so deep.

I’ve broken barriers born only in the minds of mankind,

Torn through landscapes littered with the limits of space and time.

Yet, my attempts only seem to make this atmosphere weep.

Torrential rain and rolling thunder mark my flight’s wake,

You’re opening my heart to things I once learnt to hate.


I’ve always been true to you.

These stains and scars that mar the celestial beauty between us,

Necessary measures that bind and preserve, hoping for eventual forgiveness.

Yet, our love was discerned too soon,

Unable to mature before the rapture of our passionate embrace.

You’ve taught me the value of restraint and grace.


Too late have these stars enlightened my eyes to what I should have known.

Too weak was I to prevent the magnitude to which this love and separation have grown.

Yet, although I cannot find you in these dreams that I weave,

I will build a home for the shadow of you that my heart still keeps.


Shaun M Jooste




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