Blessings & Scribbles


Happy Mother’s day to one and all mothers out there, whether you have one or a litter, or are expecting. It truly is a day to be cherished, and I hope all mom’s out there were reminded how wonderful it is to be a mother.


As the week starts, we take a look ahead. Most of the focus will be on “Silent Hill: Betrayal” this week and expanding the portfolio. Work on the novel will include sketches of Act 2’s weapons, location and creatures, not to mention the writing. I still have a few sketches left to do for Act 1, but it is 95% complete.

I will be taking it a bit easier this week, so I will constrain my focus to SH:B only. Act 2 is shorter than Act 1 for reasons that will become obvious when you read the novel, so I should be able to work through it relatively quickly. Watch this space for further updates.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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