“Windfarer” and “DragonRider” enjoying reading time in the Library

Ebooks Amazon

As many Amazon Prime members are aware, you can obtain free versions of Kindle ebooks on Amazon to lend for a certain time. This allows you to read through books you are interested in to see if they are worth the buy. It only applies to Kindle Direct Publishing Books that are subscribed to KDP Select though.

Fortunately, “The Windfarer” and “The DragonRider“, the first two epic fantasy novels in my Celenic Earth Chronicles, are part of KDP Select for some time now. Although there was a slow start, these two have steadily been picking up readership, resulting in sales going through. At the moment, the main readership seems to be in the US and UK, which corresponds with my other sales stats. I would like to see a rising interest in other countries too, specifically the fantasy fan-bases hidden therein.

If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on these novels yet, they are still in the Lending Library, so if you have Amazon Prime, do yourself a favour and go read some of the pages for free. I can promise you a riveting tale set in a world of elemental magic, swords and wonderful creatures. It’s a tale like none other that you’ve read before and, I quote, “a story set to rival the worlds of Tolkien, Feist and Eddings.”

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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