Celenic Earth Newsletter #2: can you hold your excitement any longer?

CE Newsletter #2 Blogv4

Yes, alright, it’s been a long time coming. It’s nice having my own deadline and no expectations though, as most of my attention has been given to my upcoming novel. I’m happy to announce that the newsletter is almost completed though, and you should have some interesting reading for the weekend ahead.

The content design has not changed much. We will once again be looking at news and updates in the world of writing, sharing some of the affiliation news that I am involved in. This will be followed by the Writer Interview, where we take a look at a South African writer who has recently released her second book.

The Genre Highlight for this month will feature none other than…. you probably guessed it…. horror. I will be sharing key points to consider in this genre, as well as some of my own personal experiences. Some sage advice from Stephen King will be contained therein.

I take you through some cool websites I have found in my research for my novel, as well as some that have rather entertain me. And then we take a look at a rather spooky tale, which you can decide if it’s real or not.

The new edition to this newsletter is “Tips of the Trade”. Here I will take you through some key writing techniques used by writers all over, whether it be for novels or screenwriters. This issue will feature “Character Development”, something a few of my writing comrades have been asking about lately.

And that’s basically it. One step closer to all the items I want included in the Newsletter one day. I will be sure to make the newsletter available in all formats as I did before, but I’ve developed it a bit better this time, making it easier for conversion.

Watch this space…. the newsletter is almost here.

In love and Grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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