SneakPeek Sunday: ‘Silent Hill Betrayal’ Act 1 weapons revealed


As many Silent Hill fans know, the games are filled with items, notes, maps, weapons, creatures and many other fun things. My debut SH novel will be no different. Act 1 is almost finished already with 125 pages so far. I have 1 chapter left in the Act, which features Trevor’s showdown with his first great enemy / boss.

I’ve taken a minor break from writing today to work on sketching some of the weapons that are featured in Act 1. As with the game, there is more of a focus on melee combat, with some firearms saving the day only when needed.

I’ve also taken the liberty of sharing these sketches on social media, but it seems only fitting that it should be showcased on my site. It will be added to the “Gallery&Trailers”, but for ease of reference, here they are:

There are two more melee weapons in Act 1, but those I will upload later in the week.

And that’s it for my first sneak peek this week. Stay tuned for the next edition where I will be revealing which creatures I have placed in Act 1 for Trevor to face.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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