Shadowolf “DragonRider” campaign successful

As many of you know, Amazon presented “The DragonRider”, Book 2 of the epic fantasy series The Celenic Earth Chronicles, as a free download for 5 days following the recent rating improvement of “The Windfarer”.

I am happy to announce that the campaign was quite successful. I have initially set myself a low target of 20 books, but the stats show that a little over 50 had been downloaded. To top that off, some of you also bought “The Windfarer” to supplement your free book.

I just want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support and I really hope that you enjoy the adventure. As much as I am enjoying working on my current exciting projects, such as “Silent Hill: Betrayal , “Dream Whispers”, “A Darkness Runs Through It” horror feature film and “Anti-Heroes” tv series (in collaboration with another great South African writer, Lindria Oosthuizen), the Shadowolf series will always remain close to my heart and mean the most to me.

For those wondering if the end of the Celenic Earth Chronicles means the end of Shadowolf tales, this is not so. The Celenic Earth Chronicles is only Volume 1 of the series, and Volume 2 has already been planned for the future. This was inspired by David Eddings’s various trilogies and fantasy sets, and I really want Shadowolf’s tale to expand and grow across other worlds.

Back to the campaign, it is now officially closed. I will keep you updated if Amazon runs another campaign or promotion. If you would like to provide some feedback once you’ve completed “The DragonRider”, please send it to, and who knows: maybe yours is the next Testimonial that gets placed on my sites and promotions, or even on a special edition cover of “The DragonRider” in time to come.

With love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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