Kathy Pearson – a new crime novel series


Sometimes writing a novel just isn’t enough. As many writers will tell you, there are times when writing causing an inundation of other ideas for books, and I’m afraid that I am no different. While working on Silent Hill: Betrayal, a few new ideas came to mind and none were as appealing as my new Kathy Pearson heptalogy of crime novels.

What started out as idle daydreaming quickly became set as a series of novels. I have always been interested in crime fiction, whether it be the novels of James Patterson and David Hewson, or the multitude of TV series now available (CSI, Cold Case, Castle, Bones, The Mentalist – are a few that come to mind). I even indulged in an introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course through Intec College, for which I received 100% for the assignments and the final assessment.

My first planned crime book series was the Heaven’s Gate Murders, which mainly features the protagonist hunting down a serial killer who leaves playing cards, like the Joker in Batman, with the image of heaven’s gates on them. It is a sexual crime series, but the way the antagonist leaves his victims for the detective to find, the intricate detail of the crimes, is the hook for the series. Strangely enough, I had also planned for that to be a heptalogy, so clearly somewhere in my subconscious the number 7 and crime go well together.

The Kathy Pearson novels will be very different. Over the course of the books, she will be studying in South Africa for a Masters in Criminology, Law and Psychology, each year being set in each book. I will be putting together my own modules and courses for the years, based on what is available globally for these studies in Universities, but set in a manner that follows the plot more freely.

The hook for the series is her motivation for the studies. Orphaned at a young age, she is determined to follow the footsteps of her murdered father, who was an expert psychological profiler and forensic investigator. She will be following his path academically at the same institution where he taught, but it’s also where her parents were killed. Yet, just as much as she is determined to find answers for their deaths, so are the people involved at the institution set to mislead or stop her… even if that means killing her too.

The titles for each book have already been set out with the course modules, so I guess there is no turning back now.


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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