Update- Silent Hill: Betrayal and CE Newsletter issue #2



Good morning faithful Shadow Clan!

I know I have been a bit silent for a bit (pun intended), but that’s what happens when I get stuck into writing. I fly into a mode of euphoria and stay there while penning my words, and sometimes I forget to come down to let everyone know how heaven is.

For those of you following me on Twitter though (@Shadowolfd), you were the lucky few who were kept up to date. It’s just so easy to tweet updates. For the others who have not been following the updates, I am now running into the third chapter of SH:B, which leaves me at 10% completion.

As an avid group member of Cape Town NaNoWriMos, I am looking forward to April’s Camp NaNo, where we get to choose our own word count goal for the month that we wish to achieve. I’ve been allocated a virtual cabin in the forest, with a great team to work with, and I’ve set myself a small enough goal that I am sure I will be able to achieve.

For all of those celebrating, I wish all of you a happy and blessed Easter weekend. It has been quite relaxing for me, in which I mean I did not even attempt to touch my novel, but my mind has been writing for me and also I came up with another idea for a 7 book crime series. At this rate, the library of books to write in my head will quickly outgrow the book racks I have at home.

I am busy finalising the Autumn edition of the Celenic Earth Newsletter. I completely skipped summer, but I find it pointless calling it the Summer edition when the season has just passed. I will be looking into this new season of Autumn, one of releasing negative energy back into the world and breaking off of bad habits. I’ve shifted the deadline to next weekend, so expect some more news on that shortly.

As a final note, please remember that “The Windfarer” and “The DragonRider” ebooks of the epic fantasy series “Shadowolf Volume 1 – Celenic Earth Chronicles” is free to read on your local Amazon website  if you subscribe to the Kindle Lending Library (search for me on your local Amazon website, I’m not only on ‘.com’). Also, the promotion of the series is still discounted from $12 to $4.50. South Africans can purchase print books from Loot.co.za or Groep 7 Drukkers, or contact me personally at celenicearth@gmail.com for a discount and autograph with a personalised message.

I hope you all have a great day further and looking forward to hearing from you.


In love and grace,

The Count of Celenic Earth



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