Update: New Book Gallery & Trailers page

graphic-pagoda-863384_960_720There’s a simple principle I have employed over my life, even though this is the first time I am saying it out loud. It has always been an inner principle that I have applied, and the realisation of it has only recently come to mind. It probably answers a lot about me to people who often wondered why it was that I did what I did. The principle is this: why pay someone to do something that I can either do, or learn to do, myself.

Of course, there are many times that the occasion would call for me to pay someone to do that, either to support the person or because I’d rather someone with greater skill do so. Case in point, my car’s alternator packed up this weekend, causing problems with the belt and revealing a leak in the crank seal. So sure, I could watch the youtube videos and learn online how to replace all these parts. I managed to procure the parts by myself anyway. Yet, I’d rather someone with the know-how to it in case I mess it up. Knowledge and skill are two very different things.

When it comes to my books, however, I pilot my ship. I may take direction on where to sail, and which route to take best, but this ship is mine to steer. And I’ve decided recently that when it comes to book covers and promotional posters, I will take the lead on this one.

So now I am sharing my experimentations with you. I have developed a “Gallery & Trailers” pages to show you the different covers and posters I have worked with over the years and developed. Please note, however, that when it comes to the ‘Print’ editions, the publisher had those covers developed for publication. When it comes to Ebooks and Posters though, I have free rein.

As I delve into this artistic and creative arena, I am hoping to stumble upon other programs I can use towards greater graphic design. For now, these will have to do.

So, if I have stirred your curiosity enough, please visit the new  “Gallery & Trailers” page. It will be updated from time to time as I develop new content.

The Count of Celenic Earth



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