Updates:Novels, Poems, Films and so much more

Tonight I have decided to reach out to my readers and followers and share what’s happening behind the scenes. The last official update I gave was in December 2015 with the debut Celenic Earth Newsletter. Things have progressed since then.


Silent Hill: Betrayal

killer-820017_1920 This survival horror novel is in the final stages of chapter development, having only three more chapters to work through. Thereafter starts the exciting task of the actual writing, which I have looked forward to for so long.

I came to the realisation that this will be the first time that I am officially writing a full-length novel (if you exclude the NaNoWriMo 2015 fantasy novel I worked on) since 2009 when I completed the Sadgi. So exciting times indeed.

With Chapter development, of course, comes the completion of other facets of the novel, such as the final bestiary / monster list, the puzzle and notes collections, locality maps, and the items and weapons list. I still need to make the decision as whether to include certain letters and notes in the actual chapters, or simply just mention that the protagonist reads it (which can then be found in the appendix if the reader wishes to read it) and only mention his reaction to the notes and the aspects that are relevant to the plot. At the moment, I am aiming for the latter.

This puts me two weeks ahead of my planned schedule.

Dream Whispers

city-563171_960_720This novel has evolved from a fantasy adventure to a romantic fantasy adventure, as I have developed new intentions for the series. The focus has also shifted from it being a male protagonist (which seems to always be the case in my novels) to a female protagonist.

The main story line and sub-plots have been developed on a timeline bar, and the Acts and most important scenes have been determined. The next step is chapter and character development before I will start the actual novel writing.

NaNoWriMo Camp Writing

crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76Following 2015 NaNoWriMo in November is the April 2016 NaNo Camp. No, this does not mean that we all pitch tents or sit in a forest cabin with our laptops (although that would be great).

The Camp is where WriMos from the region get together (either virtually or physically) and set a word count for their NaNo novel. It is less strict on what that count should be and is rather seen as a focus on your own personal goals. This will give me a chance to work some more on the “Secret of the Hidden Ganshee” fantasy novel I worked on in November, which has taken a standstill due to Silent Hill development.

There has also been talk on the group developing a short story collection together. Some more on that once the wheels have been set into motion.

From the Heart – Contemporary Poems

The heartFor those of you who missed the post, one of the poems I submitted last year was accepted to be included in an anthology of poems called “From the Heart – A Timeless Collection of Contemporary Poetry from Today’s Best Poets and Writers”. 

The publisher has advised that the book has gone to press and should be available for purchase within the next month.

Since we are on the subject of poems, I would like to advise that I have not forgotten about my own collection of poems, written over my youthful years, that I still intend to publish. All my poems are handwritten, so I am having to type over 500 poems into the print format I am aiming towards. I can safely say that I am 10% complete with typing my poems out.


black-hole-92358_960_720.jpgAfter my initial foray into the abode of screenwriting, I found the experience quite exhilarating, challenging and adventurous. Screenwriting is so much different to novels, but I love story-telling so much that it does not matter in which format it needs to be in.

My sci fi screenplay, “The Space Drifter”, has been registered with the Writers Guild of South Africa, together with the positive references received from the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition. Now that I am a registered guild member, the pursuit of an interested producer / director begins.

I have also initiated another film project on Withoutabox, which I have titled “A Darkness Runs Through it”. The idea for this horror film came to me while working on Silent Hill, where certain concepts came to mind which would not suit the SH franchise. An to keep practicing my screenwriting skills, I opted for film instead of a novel for this one.

Discussions have also been underway with Nightway Films in the UK regarding a horror film we would like to develop, but I can’t reveal too much details on this right now. Watch this space for more information in the future though.

Celenic Earth Newsletter – Edition #2

newsletter coverAfter what seems like a successful debut newsletter, I am more determined to ensure that the second edition is released in March, just before the summer officially comes to an end. This means that by next weekend I need to have the rough outline, the article ideas, the potential interviews and new website links dealt with. I also need to evolve this with new items in the contents list.

I have found a new way to develop the newsletter so that I can make it available on multiple platforms when it is released. I have made it accessible for Kindle, having just made the First Edition available on Amazon Kindle.  This cost me some time in reformatting, but now that I know what is expected, I can develop it in anticipation of releasing the Second Edition for Kindle, the blog and pdf download at the same time.

Yes, I truly enjoy technology and am using my Autodidacticism to take me to new heights.

Global Council for Extraordinary Writers

GCEW crest2The new Goodreads group I established for writers around the world has taken off with a slow start. And the only element that I can blame for that is me. I’ve been so busy with working on all the above, and marketing the Celenic Earth Chronicles fantasy novels on social media, that I have not taken the time to get this going at full steam yet.

Which is what I am comfortable with. I have added some posts so long so that visitors can get the general idea of what the group is about. When I am ready to get this running like it should be, you and the writers around the world will be hearing a lot more about this group from me.

Novel Ideas

poetry-688368_640I love a play on words, always and forever. Show me a good play on words while in a casual conversation and I will respect you highly. So, here is my novel novel idea. 😀 (I can almost feel my friends smacking me behind my head for that one).

Saint Monk – Spiritual / Christian Action Adventure novel. I know the genre seems odd. And maybe at first it doesn’t make sense. Especially for me who writes fantasy and horror so much. The idea came to me when walking past a Christian shop and seeing films to the likes of “Fireproof” and “AD Kingdom and Empire”, which I thought were both unexpectedly good. Then I remembered my Catholic upbringing, how I undertook my own Catholic studies at the age of 15 by reading books most thought only reserved for priests (Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, Catholic Apologetics, Christian Philosophy and Theology, Aristotle – just a few that come to find) and how I expanded to other philosophies, beliefs and cultures later on in life.

My favourite portion of these studies has always been the Saints, the acts they did to give themselves up to the higher being (which was unique to each of them) and the resultant glorification of their human selves. With this always comes the expected reaction of the public to them, how they are treated and the consequences of their actions and decision in relation to the normal lay man. If you want good examples from the entertainment world, “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty” come to mind.

Of course, I understand the act of giving one up to a higher being all to well, having experimented with some of the ideas throughout my life and my own understanding of moving to a higher plane. This brings to mind my studies on the Christian Kaballah and the Kaballah in general, understanding how the various spheres of reality and spirituality move from one realm to another.

So now, I am wanting to utilise my knowledge and experience in these matters in a new protagonist; as a matter of fact in a life I once envisioned I could live. It blends spirituality with chinese martial arts, which is seen by many as a physical manifestation of spirituality itself. It will take the Shaolin Monks spirituality to a Christian level, while sharing ideals on spiritual growth and development in the midst of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations.

Blog pages – Trailer

As a final note, I’ve decided to add a new page to my blog (or perhaps just adapt the Gallery page now that I think more on it) which will feature trailers of future work to come. It helps fill me with a sense of purpose for my writing, but will also give my followers an idea of future projects. Right now, there are a few concept projects which I have not even mentioned on my blog as yet, which includes a crime series called “The Heaven’s Gate Murders”, a fantasy crime heptology called “The Crystal Warf Saga” and a horror pentology called “The Damned Souls Series”.

More on that in the future though.

I hope you all have blessed days ahead and are keeping well on a personal note.


With Love and Grace

The Count of Celenic Earth



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