Magic in Celenic Earth: a dissertation / comparison of magic in fantasy novels, games, our world and science

surreal-995149_960_720Most of us should be familiar with magic somehow, whether it is through television, literature, religion, mythology, word-of-mouth, social media, etc. Magic can be found in many forms of entertainment these days, such as movies, games, and novels, to name a few. It also has taken on many names, such as magicka, faith, “The Force”, energy (the one I am more inclined towards using), psychic power or just simply ‘power’ (not the kind measured in Watts).

Besides growing up Catholic and having studied tomes mostly reserved for priests and the holiest of saints in my teenage years, I have delved into many cultures, religions and beliefs through my life, revealing to me the many systems of ‘magic’ held within them. It has grown into a personal study of mine, many of which I believe to be true and attainable (specifically through the Tree of Life, or Kabbalah), which is why I based my first series of novels on it. As a matter of fact, I firmly believe that the next age that we as human will attain in this age of magic / enlightenment- and hopefully by then we will have mastered self-discipline and responsibility, otherwise it will probably be the last age we ever see. Like a famous Spidey once learnt- “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Does believing in science and magic simultaneously mean that I am an atheist (as I’ve seen in so many others with these beliefs)? Not in the least; as you will see, I am still very pro-God (in any form, belief or religion) and believe that omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being to be in everything. To each his own, this is mine.

*Special note: These articles may contain SPOILERS of the Celenic Earth Chronicles, any of the books, movies or media discussed and of my future novels. Read at your own discretion.


Part 1 to follow: Magic in Fantasy Novels


2 thoughts on “Magic in Celenic Earth: a dissertation / comparison of magic in fantasy novels, games, our world and science

  1. I too have studied (but not as in depth as you) religion and have an interest in humanity’s history before religion or Christianity as it was known. I also have pondered on the fact that I may be an atheist these days, but I return to the thoughts of something larger is involved in our universe, whether that be a God or Gods I’m not sure anymore. I do believe that humanity is going to change and ascend as we should evolve. Scientists say that humans born after 1940 are already changing their DNA, I believe this is a part of the evolution process. Your article opens up all sorts of discussions and I look forward to reading the next part.

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