The Shadowolf epic fantasy series is getting a facelift

Celenic Earth Poster 2 (2)For too long now, it has worried the subconscious part of me that my epic fantasy series (A.K.A The Celenic Earth Chronicles) on Amazon is not getting the attention it deserves. It was small things that also bothered me, knowing that the covers I did, with templates on Amazon or free images I could find online, was mediocre and amateur at best, but I was ok to run with it as it was my first run and I was simply testing how it works.

I’ve reached that point now where I need to get my Amazon books the right coverage, and no that does not mean paying Amazon more to do it for me, or paying someone for something I can do myself. Through some discussions I’ve had (the turning point being my discussion with Award winning author, Jessi Gage @, it has dawned on me that the time has come for some positive changes, and facelifting my Amazon products to what they should have been the first time.

An app I have that runs through my site to detect errors has highlighted some changes I could make, so I will also be facelifting my website somewhat, and my social media sites linked to my novels, so expect to see some updates on those too.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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