The Global Council of Extraordinary Writers – the new age of networking for Authors

typewriter-801921_1280.jpgNaNoWriMo 2015 was a great experience for me, and it still continues to inspire me. Until then, I felt rather alone in my writing, like a recluse that typed away in the dark corners of his forest cabin on his mystical island. Then I challenged myself to this competition to write 50k words in a month… and through it, I’ve met writers that live in the same area as me. Not only that, but through the NaNo site I’ve realised there are literally hundreds of us in Cape Town alone, nevermind the thousands in the country!

I’ve come to learn the value of getting to know other writers and meeting people who are of a like mind. Suddenly, the world doesn’t feel so small. And through this experience I have also been able to help others become published, and also get their work noticed. The feeling of being such a positive influence on other writers’ lives is…. overwhelming. It is what establishing my Celenic Earth Newsletter set out to do… reaching out to other writers around the world.

It has made me want to be part of something bigger – something greater than myself where I am surrounded by creative talent willing to help others, and humble enough to ask for help.

I was at two-minds though. I didn’t want to use any of the forums already created in the world wide web. I know there are tons of writer and author platforms out there, with people I definitely do not know, and topics as old as time. Most of these never allow for self-promotion either. I want something fresh and new. Yet, I didn’t want to use my own website for this, as I am restricting this site to simple blogs about my writing and updates on my work.

So I’ve decided to create a group on Goodreads, which is a platform for authors anyway. I’ve debated some names for the group, such as “The Shadow Clan” or the “Writers of Celenic Earth”, or “The Jedi Council of Writers”, but they are all to brand specific (and the first two are just facetious anyway). My aim with this group is to reach out to writers around the world, from every continent and then country in the world if possible. This site also allows for self-promotion. For me there are no language constraints – bring it on. It will finally motivate me to study the languages I wanted to learn. I hope someone knows ancient Egyptian as well as I do!

Based on the theme above, I have decided on the “Global Council of Extraordinary Writers“. I was going to go with ‘Galactic’, but that will have to wait until we find some other writers in the solar system to join us (wouldn’t that be a treat, Faraday’s Candle?). I am hoping this will be a step to something greater, whereby writers around the world can share their experiences, and I can finally come out of my cabin.

Keep an eye-out for links in this site’s sidebar for GCEW posts. I will attempt to keep it updated. And if you are a writer or author (whether published or not) who wants to be part of this international community, feel free to join.

The Count of Celenic Earth


4 thoughts on “The Global Council of Extraordinary Writers – the new age of networking for Authors

    1. Thank you! I was hoping you would present it to them, would love their (and your) thoughts, especially on writers from around the galaxy in the future joining the council. We can all dream. I’ve actually been meaning to research who are all floating in space at the moment. And yeah, I feel quite strongly about those causes. Thanks for visiting them 🙂


  1. This is exciting times to be sure! I love what you are doing with writing and the writing community as a whole. To launch a group such as this for all writers to come together and share their dreams, goals and aspirations in our fast moving world and to support, laugh, share and help each other is wonderful. You have not only chosen a great name, but also an appropriate place for the group to come together. Goodreads is the perfect choice. Thanks for all that you do.

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