Announcement: Celenic Earth blog subscription now available on Kindle


Do you own a kindle and, for some wonderful reason, have been wanting to receive updates on my novels and blog through a subscription? Well, fortunately for you, then, that subscriptions on Kindle seem to be the trending thing now. And, fortunately for me as an author and publisher on Amazon, I get to send out my blog posts to your Kindle via subscription now! Which means that obtaining and reading my newsletter and articles on your device will be much easier in the future.

So, if you fancy receiving my posts straight to your kindle, head on over to the subscription page at Amazon  or search for “The Celenic Earth Chronicles” under the subscription lists.


The Count of Celenic Earth


6 thoughts on “Announcement: Celenic Earth blog subscription now available on Kindle

      1. Well, in terms of the blog subscription on Kindle, it is very safe. It is basically the same blogs on my site, that gets sent to your Kindle if you have subscribed. So then they would not miss any of my posts.

        In terms of my fantasy novels (not part of the subscription, but can be bought separately for the Kindle), the short answer is yes it is safe. The long answer depends on the parent, and since I am protective of your girls’ minds, let me explain.

        I have been told that my fantasy novels are very much like Harry Potter, but more so like Lord of the Rings. My publisher gave my novels to his 13 year old son to proofread, as his son is heavy into epic fantasy. His words were “it has heavy battle elements like Lord of the Rings, but the magic is more intelligent than Harry Potter.”

        There are no explicit sex scenes, but only some ‘sexy’ scenes, if that makes sense. The fade-to-black, you know what’s going to happen moments without smut writing ruining the epic fantasy genre. And a mermaid or two seducing men to gain a political advantage.

        I think the main decisive matter for you as a parent in my novels would rather be the violence in the battles. Besides the heavy focus on magical fighting and the elements, there are many battles that lead to the main war, which includes some gore. Let’s just say that if you are comfortable with your kids watching the battle scenes in Lord of the Rings, then this will be fine.

        Of course, I handle the magic in my novels as if it were a science, making them sound like a very real possibility. Even the Masaran Phenomenon was created around my own scientific principles, which I think the girls would love discussing given half the chance.

        Having said all that, it should be safe. Parental guidance is advised for younger readers. 😛


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