Finding the time to write a novel – Part 4: Accessibility

sky-921366_960_720Air is my favourite element, of course. Besides it being in the title of my first novel, “The Windfarer”, it also is symbolised in many cultures as pertaining to intelligence and communication. It is the heart of the writer’s mind, where all our creativity comes from. It is where we go when we dream and wish to be free.

Technology has advanced the way we communicate and has its own form of artificial intelligence. It is so advanced, that it has provided more efficient ways for us to produce our novels and gain access to them. I want to share some of the techniques I have learnt to make more use of my valuable time.

1. Being Note-Worthy

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking notes. Too many days have I waddled in thought and created great ideas, just to be washed away by the tides of the day. So many times had I believed my memory to be great and that the idea was so huge that I would never forget it… just for it to be lost in the tomes of time.

Do yourself a favour, and make notes of your ideas. If you still favour the paper-based notepad, keep it with you wherever you go. I still love the original notepad, but since I have discovered Microsoft OneNote, I tend to place all my notes on there. It literally is a one pager that you can place all your notes on, no matter how long, or how many, or how wide. From text to images to scribbles…. you can do it all there. I do all my note-taking on there now, and have left faithful old Excel behind.

In this way, by making notes as the ideas happen, it means that, when you get the time to actually write, you will have more time for the actual writing and less re-thinking.

2. Mobile accessibility

MS OneNote actually leads me to my second point too. If you register with OneNote online, you can login with the program anywhere at anytime as long as you have access to the internet. That’s right, any PC, tablet or phone that has the OneNote app or program. I can be working on this laptop with my ideas now, and access the very same file through my phone or tablet moments later with the changes included.

I wanted to test if I could do this with MS Word too, and you can. I went online to MS Word online, and started a document that I saved. Then I went onto my phone’s MS Word app, signed into my account and the document was instantly available. So I took my Bluetooth keyboard out for my phone and typed some words, saving it. I went onto my tablet, logged into my MS Word there and walla…. the document with changes was available.

So if you think you have to be home working on a specific device, or need to email or flash it to another device to take it with you… think again. Times are changing, and we need to grab these opportunities as soon as possible.

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