Finding the time to write a novel – Conclusion

time-464875_960_720So there you go, my wealth of knowledge on this matter passed down to you. Now that I have discussed all that with you, let’s look at the original question again: “Where do you find the time?”

I find this question misleading, in terms of everything I have just said. Time is available to us, even if it means sacrificing time for other things or some sleep. The actual question they should be asking is “Where do you get the energy?” Most of the time I put off writing because the day has been so busy; I don’t have the mental stamina to still put in some writing. If I must be honest, I get my best writing work done if I do it in the morning before anything else.

You also need to gauge just how badly you want to write, how much it means to you to be an author. Is it really worth all the stresses and sacrifices? Just how necessary is it to have writing as part of your life? Does it describe the very essence of your being?

So…. where do you get the energy to write a book? Where do I get it?

To answer that, I suggest you go back to the introduction of this article, and start all over again…..

The Count of Celenic Earth

Part 1: Inspiration
Part 2: Preparation
Part 3: Structure
Part 4: Accessibility



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