Silent Hill update: provisional title & teaser poster

Silent Hill- Betrayal (1)

As I am progressing with the Silent Hill novel, I am playing with ideas for titles and concept covers or teaser posters. Although the design is nowhere near as good as the Silent Hill game covers or Masahiro Ito’s concept designs, it gives an idea of what I expect the cover or posters to look like.

I am still working on an appropriate title for the debut Silent Hill novel, which as a reminder is not based on any of the game or movie story-lines, but my own plot. For now, I am satisfied with “Silent Hill – Betrayal” until I come up with something vastly more intelligent.

I will update further when necessary.

Yours in love and grace,

Count of Celenic Earth


5 thoughts on “Silent Hill update: provisional title & teaser poster

  1. Just food for thought: people are going to assume Silent Hill is a part of the franchise or a fanfiction novel. Plus, consider the search engines. If someone searches for Silent Hill, they’ll see nothing but the franchise stuff, and your book will not be on the first page of the results.

    It’s not a criticism of the title, I really like it, but I didn’t know it was separate from the franchise until I read the little disclaimer. Perhaps, Silent Mountain, or Whispering Hill? Ultimately, the title is your choice. I’ve learned that the titles make a difference in both searching and differentiation. I hope this helps.

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    1. Thanks for this. Just to clarify, the story is based in the Silent Hill town of the franchise, with the same themes as the games and movies. I simply am writing my own plot and own characters in that setting, for which I got the permission to do so. Hence why I have the Silent Hill logo. Therefore the searching would be in my favour, as I am hoping Silent Hill fans will find my novel. Bonus would be if Masahiro Ito would offer to do the cover design… his paintings and designs are epic.

      Your advice has been positive and invaluable anyway, so thank you very much for the comment.

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