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C.T melrose

The Windfarer

It’s the start of a new year and I have finished one book already, I have decided to do my reviews of books read after each one. If you want to follow my reading adventures you can find me on Pinterest or on Goodreads (although Goodreads is not up-to-date due to it playing up on me, I have contacted them about it).

I finished reading ‘The Windfarer’ by Shaun Jooste this morning while M was at work and J was still in his teen holiday slumber. When I started to read, it took me a few chapters to grasp the characters and their names, but once a quarter of the way through the book it got interesting and easy to keep up with and hard to put down. I really like the richly described world of Celenic Earth that Shaun has created and have fallen in love with quite a…

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2 thoughts on “Just finished

  1. I started Dragon Rider (the second book in the Celenic Earth Chronicles) yesterday and knowing the characters better, plunging into the action in the first four chapters was an exhilarating read. I found it hard to put down last night. You certainly have cemented your name in the fantasy genre with me and I will be following you with any future publications.

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