2016: the year ahead and the promise it holds



I was once a man that thrived on making resolutions for the year ahead. As a matter of fact I think fondly now of those days, using Excel to create spider diagrams of various aspects of my life (work, social, faith, family, finance, etc) with bubbles by each aspect on how I was going to improve those parts of my life. It was fun, but almost always nearly neglected until some part late in the year where most of the resolutions didn’t matter anymore anyway.

Do I miss making resolutions? In a way; I guess in a small manner it kept me motivated to do something with my life. Setting goals is always a great exercise when you feel like your life is going nowhere.

So why did I stop? I become a tad bit obsessive sometimes with these things (for those that really know me, yes I know this is an understatement). I also go over the top. I expect too much of myself for the year ahead, and although I celebrate everything I have managed to achieve, it also niggles at me that I managed to fail at some other resolutions. I also put way too much pressure on myself expecting to achieve so much. So last year, I decided to give myself a holiday from resolutions and still managed to achieve a lot without them. This year, I pretty much plan to do the same.

That does not mean that I do not have some goals for this year. There are several pet projects standing over from last year, and some new ones that have formed. Here is a taste of things to come:

  1. Silent Hill novel
  2. Dreamweaver novel
  3. Horror screenplay
  4. A short story compilation with fellow Cape Town writers
  5. Publication of my poems
  6. Quarterly publication of the Celenic Earth Chronicles

If I were to make one resolution at least, it would be to become more involved with the writing community and the network of authors I have met on social media. I get so many updates on LinkedIn and Twitter specifically, and being new to the scene I have not paid much attention to what has been happening. I dearly want to change that now, and see how I can contribute to other writers’ lives and make the network I have even stronger… and thereby also pave the way for the future writing generation.

If you want to share if you have made any resolutions, especially with regards to writing, please feel free to comment. I would love to know what you all will be up to this year and if I can assist in any way.

Yours in love and grace,

The Count of Celenic Earth


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