Festive season goodies

gift-1008894_960_720T’is the season to be jolly! And all that jazz. Yes, Christmas is almost here and so is 2016. Another year has come and gone and it is almost time for us to reflect back and see how many of those resolutions you managed to tick off – or ignore the list altogether if you’re too afraid of what it looks like.

I didn’t do any resolutions this year, except to publish the Celenic Earth Chronicles and get back into writing. I’ve gone beyond that fortunately, and am now also doing screenplays. The greatest present I could have given myself was diving back into the writing scene. But then of course, the greatest gift I received this year was the birth of my gorgeous daughter.

So as this is the year of many firsts, especially the release of “The Sadgi” and the Celenic Earth Newsletter, let’s start the first Celenic Christmas off with some goodies. I am giving away signed copies of the Celenic Earth ebooks to any that request them via celenicearth@gmail.com. Please note that these are limited to 1 ebook per person, so choose wisely.

Also note that www.loot.co.za has a 8% discount on my first two print books for this festive season, for those of you in South Africa who prefer the print versions. If you live in Cape Town, I would be more than willing to sign them for you after you have purchased them, just give me a holler via email. If you live elsewhere, it can also be arranged, either via post or I can mail / email you a signed page with a personalised message.

I am sending out a kind reminder that, for those of you on Amazon Prime, you can still read “The Windfarer” for free through your Amazon account.

Finally, my ebooks are being sold across the world on various platforms of Amazon, and not just .com. I am aware that, although the Amazon pages are designed for your country’s language, my books are still in English. If you are very eager, like my Japanese followers, to have my ebooks translated into your language, please let me know and I will make the extra effort to have them translated.

Have a great festive season everyone, please be safe, and if anyone is going to be reading my novels over the holidays, please enjoy the journey.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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