Silent Hill – challenging me to do more


When I took on the task of writing a novel of one of the most iconic horror stories ever to grace the gaming world, I knew it would be a tremendous challenge to develop my own characters and story-line, while keeping some of the familiar symbols and legends in tact. I did not anticipate however that this would become my most ambitious project to date.

The Celenic Earth Chronicles was a huge feat for me, and had involved a large amount of planning as I moved to the final of the trilogy. Yet, no amount of groundwork would have prepared me for what Silent Hill has in store for me.

The initial concept was easy enough to develop. I created my hero and villain, and derived what their related story would be. But once the main concept was done, and the key locations within Silent Hill decided on, I realised it would not be that easy. New characters were developed to give the story more richness – a mentor, some allies and a few henchmen. There is even another villain that got involved.

And as the story grew, so did the need to change certain aspects of the novel. As a result of the new characters, additional puzzles and media were created. Locations were altered to suit the new needs. Even the monsters evolved to be become more relevant to each location and character in that setting. Every character starts telling a tale of their own, inextricably linked to the final showdown between the hero and the main villain.

It was at this point that I realised that it felt more like I was planning  a script for a game than a novel.  I have that excited feeling within me, that I am sure the game developers and screenwriters got, that tells me that this may just become a winner. If any of you weren’t into Silent Hill before this novel, you will be when you’re done reading it.

On a side note, remotely related to this, I have just started a new screenplay project on ‘Withoutabox”, which I have entitled “Darkness runs through it”. As I will be focusing on horror and haunted towns over the next couple of months, I figured why not write a script for a horror movie with the same type of theme without any limitations to preconceived ideas and icons. I have this uncanny ability to not only come up with a concept, but to also derive the theme and main characters for the book at the same time. Once that is done and I am happy that I have an original story that will catch the audience’s attention, it is officially a project.

Well, one thing at a time. I am definitely not one for finishing a project and saying “What now?”. I’ve always got future projects to plan for, which is great. Immediate focus now though, the debut Celenic Earth Newsletter which is about 80% complete. Look out for the release before the middle of December.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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