Fantastic Poems by Veronique Kruger – “Awaken” free now for a limited time!

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As my post on publishing my past poetry, “Recalling the past in beautiful prose”, resulted in such an increase in followers, hits and likes, I felt the desire to introduce all of you to a poet that I have really enjoyed reading. It isn’t everyday that I find myself sitting and relaxing to a few good poems, the world is our oyster when it comes to the available selection, but I must say that Veronique’s voice in these words is reminiscent of the emotions and thoughts I’ve had many times over in my life.

Having had a look through “Take me there”, I found a mixture of love poems and spiritual thoughts, although it could be argued that the two interchange and are the same. One of my favourite spiritual pieces by Veronique, “My King”, really moves the heart and soul, and King David would have been proud to have added this to his book of Psalms.

Her poems are easy to relate to and, just like in everyone’s lives, there is a musical wave of ups and downs. From the deep desire to have coffee to satisfy her addiction, to the sweeping mists of the dreamworld, Veronique truly turns moments from the mundane to the fantastic into scintillating prose.

Of course, as with every creative artist & writer, Veronique does not stop at poems and has had a hand in novels too. “Shard” and “Life and Love (and Jetlag)” are mentioned on her site, Amazon and Lulu, and even though I have yet to get my hands on these books, if they are as magnificent as the imagery in her poems, then it is really something to be excited about.

This poet and writer’s reputation extends beyond books though. Veronique is also the Municipal Liaison for the NaNoWriMo Cape Town Region. She extends her talent to so many other writers out there on a daily basis, and doesn’t think twice to inspire and guide other writers’ hands and thoughts to greater heights. This is an author to watch out for, as I am sure you will be hearing her name more often in the years to come.

Which leads me to her latest work of art that I have recently obtained, namely “Awaken”. As per her own abstract, it is a short collection from a specific period in her life. This is very much akin to my own poems I will be publishing, which are split into various “eras”, periods in my life associated with a certain person or situation. In “Awaken”, she continues to serenade us with her beautiful prose, some of which I feel could easily find their way into academic text books to be studied towards effective poetry. She also follows through with some more of her great Psalms, inspiring one to look to the sky and praise the Lord for giving us such amazing talents. And as with the musical waves mentioned before, she also turns to a darker side, where pain and misery reside. The length of her poems also share a stark contrast, from short prose with tomes of inspiration hidden within, to lengthy psalms of love and praise.

Considering that Veronique is studying classical Greek at the University of Cape Town, her writing style, prose and contribution to the written word could be likened to the Mousai, or Muses, the Greek goddesses of literature, science and the arts. She could easily join their ranks in the celestial heavens, and I look forward to more inspiration from this mystical writer.

If you would like a taste of her poetry, Amazon is making the e-book available for free for a limited time! Even if you are not into poetry, I encourage, no challenge, you to give the thoughts and inspiration in this book a try, and see if these words do not move you as they do me. Also, I have included other links below if you wish to read more about her and follow her for future updates.

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