Celenic Earth debut newsletter picks up the pace again

fantasy-981532__180Now that the Cinequest Screenwriting competition is complete, I get to pick up the slack on my debut newsletter. NaNoWriMo commands some of my writing attention in the evenings, but I’ve put aside time to work on the newsletter too.

At the current state, I am busy finalising the writer interviews, after which the rest of the newsletter will go somewhat quicker, as it only involves further effort from me. The great joy I have in doing this is that my family is encouraging me to complete it too, because of all the exciting features contained inside it. I have only given them glimpses of what may come… not even they have seen the full extent of it yet.

As a teaser for what the newsletter contains, have a look at this line-up:

  • Editor’s note
  • News and updates
  • Writer Interviews
  • Celebrity spotlight
  • Genre highlight
  • Interesting websites
  • Fascinating stories
  • Results from Genre poll
  • Competitions
  • Final word

Reminder, if I don’t have your email address, please subscribe to the blog via email on the right-hand side of the website so that I can ensure that you get your copy emailed to you as soon as it is released. Another option would be to email me at celenicearth@gmail.com and asked to be subscribed to the Celenic Earth newsletter.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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