Fairbairn College receives signed copies of Celenic Earth

prague-library-980732_640This weekend, the school where I matriculated in 1998 received signed copies of the Celenic Earth Trilogy. I was so excited and nervous about being back at the old school, and seeing all these young adults staring at me in the library (some of them born in the year I matriculated), that I forgot to have pictures taken to share in my blog!

Walking through the corridors really brought back some memories, but it wasn’t until I was in the library, sitting in my old spot (not sure it was the same desk, though), when the goosebumps and extra-sensory feelings kicked in. I found my hand shaking as I started to sign… this was where I first read fantasy, turned the pages of Lord of the Rings, Thomas Covenant, Rift War series and Death Gate Cycle. This was where I wrote a secret valentine poem to someone who probably still doesn’t know it was me that sent it to her. This was where I had spent some of my lunch breaks, either reading or talking to friends about books.

To think that some of those young minds may just read my books and they may just be inspired by my fantasy novels to become author themselves… now wouldn’t that be something. We also briefly discussed the possibility of giving talks at the school regarding writing and becoming published. I look forward to that venture, and will keep you up to date for when such an event is scheduled.

The Count of Celenic Earth


One thought on “Fairbairn College receives signed copies of Celenic Earth

  1. You have some exciting times ahead. But yes you do have to remember to take those photo’s for the memories to appear fresher longer. If that is your school library’s photo attached to your post, then wow! I would have spent all my lunch times and free hours in there too. But seriously, I think any one of those students that are lucky enough to have met you in person and go on to read your stories, will have fond memories of their school days as well. Enjoy these days as you deserve to.


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