UPDATE: Celenic Earth newsletter

fantasy-981532_640I thought I would give you all a quick update on the debut Celenic Earth newsletter that I will be releasing in the next few weeks electronically. I have already planned such a huge bumper edition, that it may as well become a published magazine. This does not mean that I have crammed a whole lot of information into one issue and not have enough for future issues. It means I have developed so many interesting sections related to writing that I would be able to sustain this type of newsletter / magazine for all future issues.

So, to share in brief what the debut newsletter will be like: I have two interviews lined up, one with someone that is writing with the dream of being published one day, and another that has been published for many years already. They both share their experiences with writing and what led them on the path to the desire of becoming an author. As we are in the middle of spring here in South Africa, the theme of the newsletter will very much be spring, since I am very much into the seasons, with the elements and other associations that go with it (which will also be shared in the newsletter).

I will be having a brief genre highlight, which will be a quick look at a specific writing genre and what sets it apart from other genres. Also, I will look into a fantasy RPG game that shows all the key story elements that makes a games plot either great or pathetic. There will be news on what happening with writing around the world, such as writing communities and competitions. The newsletter will also host a competition for you to win some goodies, sponsored by myself and my affiliations.

As further little titbits go, I will also feature a piece on a fascinating real life place that inspired one of my current writing projects. I will also share some cool websites that I have found and how they have inspired or motivated me in certain ways.

I may even have some short stories for you…..

Ok, I think that’s enough teasing for now. Many of you must be wondering what this newsletter will cost you. One word will suffice – nothing. I will not be charging anyone for the publication of the newsletter, as I am doing this for my readers, my followers and for the love of writing. I want to connect with you all much more than just updating my website, and I will be doing that through the newsletter.

As a final note, I will be making it available for download on my website as a PDF and ebook. I want to encourage all my followers on WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to please subscribe by email to my website. It can be found on the sidebar of my website where you input your email address and click to subscribe. Those who are subscribed by email will be the first to obtain the newsletter. Everyone else will simply be notified via the website that the newsletter is released, with a link for downloads.

I hope you are all as excited about this as I am.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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