Celenic Earth Reader Interview – to boldly go where few authors wished to go before

 book-419589_640I am embarking on a quest which I believe many authors fear to think of, let alone do. There have been a few authors (or rather, official author pages run by someone else) whereby readers can give some feedback, but these are usually general in form and let’s the reader have free scope to discuss any elements of the books. Also, other readers’ thoughts are generally not shared and only serve as a medium to communicate your thoughts to the author, whether or not they actually read it.

With the above in mind, I have developed an interview form for my readers, whereby very select questions have been asked. This allows readers to target very specific areas of my writing and novels which will enable me to recognise which portions of my books are well-accepted. It will assist me in enhancing my writing for future novels, without taking away from my skill and style of writing. I am also able to place responses on my website with the reader’s permission, and post some excerpts which meant the most to me and provided me with the most value.

So, if you have read my novels and wish to complete the form, either use the attached form below or just go to the “Praises, Reviews and Interviews” page and download it from there. The completed document can be emailed to celenicearth@gmail.com where it will be read by me (not someone else) and filed for future use. If you have not read all the books, and still wish to complete for the relevant novels, please just add “N/A” or “not read” in the other books forms.

reader Interview

As a final note, please do not complete the interview form if you have not actually read a novel completely.If you did not enjoy the novel and could not read any more of it, that’s ok. Not everyone loves fantasy and not everyone will enjoy how I write.  However, if you do not take the time to actually complete the novel, then I will respectively return the favour and not read the interview form any further, nor take it seriously. You cannot give a holistic review of a novel if you have only read a portion of it. If you have read it completely though, and still did not like it, I would still appreciate a completed form.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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