Writings, musings and updates on ebooks

science-fiction-441708_640So, I’ve missed the first deadline for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, but that’s ok. I have two more deadline to procrastinate through before the final submission is due. I’ve had to take a bit of a time out to focus on other things at home, the only place that I can take the time to write, but should be back on track this week.

Good news though, my ebooks are available for purchase now, having obtained my e-ISBN number from the National Agency. This will make it a lot easier for overseas readers to obtain my books, since postage costs and deliver time isn’t much fun for either party, as I have learnt. And I’m able to “sign” them too with personalised messages, so that e-readers don’t miss out on half the fun. So check out the Purchase Novels page for more details.

Going the electronic route for more accessibility has made me think about so much though. Like, is having your novel printed worth it these days? How many people still buy printed books, except for me? Sure, electronic makes it a heck lot easier to get around the world, but are there still many who would like the hard copy in their book shelves? Or am I just old-fashioned?

It’s kinda sad to think that one day there may not be printed books for sale, or sitting in book-racks anymore, but I guess I might have to accept the evolution of the literary world. It’s nice to think that there may still always be books, but more and more I am hearing the youths of today (and some adults) saying “Who still buys hard-copy books?”. Hopefully one day, in my time still, we can have holographic books that are electronic, but you can still hold and page through like a real book.

As a final thought, printed books are still alive and while they live I will revel in their glory for as long as they do, and longer. For my fantasy readers, I have started writing the first Dreamweaver novel, and I will provide a more detailed update on that shortly.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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