FundFind set to finance the first Celenic Earth book launch!

imagesIt seems I may be set to conduct my first book launch sooner than anticipated. Fundfind is very much like the overseas Kickstarter, except it is tailored for South African projects. For those who don’t know either Fundfind nor Kickstarter, this effectively means that a project gets listed on their website, and anyone can contribute funding towards the project. Of course, this brings with it certain rewards, which can be viewed on the project’s page.

So what does that mean for Celenic Earth? It means that the first official South African book launch can be financed through donations via the Fundfind website by people who feel passionate about the project. It will also be the stepping stone to financing future book launches from the proceeds made from this initial launch.

I was going to wait until I sold enough books to finance this, but that may be a very long time. The last time I published, I was promised by my former publisher that he would assist with the first book launch. 8 years later, and I am still waiting. Now that the series is republished, I need to take this matter into my own hands and introduce this world properly to my most beloved fantasy series.

So head on over to to view the project, and if you would like to see this turn into a success, kindly donate or speak to those with warm, deep pockets to assist get this launch off the ground!

The Count of Celenic Earth


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