The music that inspires us

acoustic-guitar-407214_640Everyone that I know loves music. That is especially true where I work. There is no office that you will walk into that does not have a radio station playing or their own brand of music playing softly from a computer. For some, it is the essence of what takes them through a hectic or dull day. For others, it is the mental inspiration that gets the brain’s juices flowing. Whatever the reason, it would truly be a terrible world to live in if we had no music.

Music extends further in its quest to please me by being the driving force behind my writing. I find I enjoy my writing more and I get more words done if I have background music to write to than if I were writing with none. Sometimes I would start writing, and it would be a slow day and I seem to be getting nowhere. Then realise I had skipped the most important part – my playlist. Once that gets going, my writing goes more swiftly and I enjoy it tremendously.

For my Celenic Earth Chronicles, it has mostly been Evanescence. Sure, there were times when I changed the tune a bit. I’ve had Daughtry, Nickleback, Disturbed, Maroon 5, Counting Crows and Bon Jovi singing serenades for me while Shadowolf was exploring Celenic Earth in his conquest to overcome Le’Mar. Yet, when it came down to the battles and 75% of the time spent writing the novels, I always reverted back to Evanescence. And those of you who are wise enough would be able to pick up on which song of theirs was featured in “The Sadgi”, as I only hinted at what they sang in order not to plagiarise them. I’m hoping, should the movies of these novels ever be made, that the exact song gets used and is sung by Evanescence as it holds such a key pivotal voice of the people at that point in time.

So what is my musical inspiration at the moment, I hear you ask (or you should be asking anyway). While working on my Silent Hill novel, I am listening to Daniel Licht’s “Silent Hill Downpour” soundtrack, since it is most apt and really sets the tone for that misty town. When working on the Dreamweaver novel, I listen to something softer more in the line of instrumental music, like my wolf collection, Mozart or Dvorak. I’ve become a major fan of Anna Kendrick’s singing though, so I throw in some movie soundtracks (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods) and it’s all good. Heck, I may just base the main protagonist on her! (chuckles).

In general, when working on screenplays and planning novel work, it varies among the artists I have on my laptop but a top favourite is Avril Lavigne. I have all her songs on a playlist and generally open it when I want to start planning ahead and opening up plots for further development. Couple that with Nickleback (see what I did there), and I have a potent combination for some wicked brainstorming.

The above is by no means an indication of all that I listen to, as there as so many artists that I really enjoy listening to and learning to play their songs on guitar. They are however the most heavily played artists when settling down to pen and paper… uhm, finger and keyboard… and working on the nuts and bolts of my stories.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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  1. You are very welcome my friend 🙂 i will be posting various different acts over the course of my websites lifetime as well as the acts i sign to my own PR Company , im sure there will be many more you like 🙂


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