Full writing mode: discovering the meaning of life

planet-581239_640There are so many sayings that we humans have made in life, little philosophies that we carry down to our young ones that are meant to guide them and mould them into the men and women they will one day become.

I’ve heard several of them over and over again, but it is times like this where I get to experience it for myself and go “aaaaahh, so that is what they meant.” One such phrase is “Do what you love in life and you will be happy.”

Sometimes we feel we are doing what we love in life. There are genuine moments where we feel happy and credit it to things that we are doing that we have a passion in. But sometimes we have a real calling that we overlook and focus on the superficial things that make us happy for only that moment – it does not connect to the everlasting joy that trails for all eternity, that special something that sends shrills of sentience through our very souls where we can feel we have found ourselves.

What am I on about? I am back into the full swing of writing. I don’t even care if the depth of it overwhelms me, putting thoughts and ideas to “paper” constantly is sending me over the edge of euphoria. Ever since I’ve connected to the world through this website and LinkedIn, I’ve been connecting with hundreds of authors (382 to be exact) and screenwriters from around  the globe and I’ve never felt more ecstatic. Then the screenwriter Jacob Stuart and I connected on LinkedIn and I viewed his website for Screenwriting Staffing, and boom…. my universe opened up even further.

There’s no limit now. I’ve become overly ambitious. Suddenly convincing Peter Jackson to work with me on a screenplay for my celenic earth chronicles seems realistic. Hunting down Emma Watson to do a review of my fantasy novels becomes a possibility. I’m almost ready to post my own profile on IMDB in anticipation of credits for future films!

Over-excitement and grand dreams aside, I have found myself very busy in the writing world and back to dreaming about new worlds and mentally writing novels and scripts every chance I get. These are my current projects:

  • Awaiting the finalisation of Celenic Earth novels and announcing the release
  • Writing the Silent Hill and Dreamweaver novels
  • Planning the Damned Souls and Crystal Islands novels
  • Consulting and advising on a screenplay for a political crime feature film
  • Co-writing a horror film for the London Frightfest next year
  • Writing my own sci-fi screenplay for the Cinequest Competition by November 2015

Those of you with a wealth of experience may think this is small compared to what you have done, but for me this is huge and a massive achievement. I look forward to the day that my writing is my only occupation in life, and with that all the joys and challenges that come with it – in my cabin in the woods or my castle on an island… or both. For me, this, and staring into the eyes of my beautiful children, is the meaning of life….

The Count of Celenic Earth


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