“The Dreamweaver Saga” reminds me why I love the fantasy genre so much

castle-834369_640Last night after my kung fu class (he types while nibbling on a juicy olive – hell these things are divine), I completed the main planning for the first Dreamweaver Saga novel, which means I got to create the map of the land it will be based in. While the map evolved before my eyes, from blank screen parchment to the land, rivers, beaches, mountains and lakes, the lives and culture of the people in the novel suddenly formed in my mind too. It became more than the protagonist’s story and led to me mentally contemplating the possible conflict between divided lands and the relationships between the upper royalties.

And with that I realised that I didn’t want this protagonist to be as well-off as Shadowolf, who is the son of a Tribal Lord in Celenic Earth, but rather someone who finds himself in the lower ranks and becomes involved in higher affairs. It instantly takes me back to Pug in “The Riftwar Saga” of Raymond E Feist, and now the theme takes on a life of its own.

And this is why I love fantasy so much – the ability to create worlds of our own and people with their own personality traits. I can endlessly sit and create worlds like this, draw maps and rivers and locations that take a life of their own with their own history and lore. It was one of my favourite hobbies which spawned the “Crystal Islands Saga”, a fantasy-crime hybrid (which I still need to start) that takes place between our world and another that is very much like the “Myst” games created by Cyan. In 1997 when I was 17 I drew the maps of 8 separate islands and each book is meant to take place on them… but I digress, more on this story another time. I guess this is why I love Minecraft so much – not only does it allow me  to create whatever I want whenever I want, but I can actually create the worlds of my novels on there too. Ooooh man, I hope somebody makes games of my novels too one day… sigh, the excitement of being an author.

I’m aiming at a set limit of 300 pages for the first Dreamweaver Saga novel, as I don’t want it to reach the full scale 500 pages that each book of the Celenic Earth Chronicles did. With my track-record in school though, I hope I can keep to this self-imposed limit. With the way I have planned the Acts and Chapters of the Dreamweaver Saga novel, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Count of Celenic Earth

4 thoughts on ““The Dreamweaver Saga” reminds me why I love the fantasy genre so much

  1. I am getting more excited to pick up one of your books to read, I did a search and found it hard to find where I can purchase your books from, could you direct me to where I can purchase preferably a physical copy, if not digital?


    1. Good day ctmelrose. Please note that my publisher is in the final stages of my Celenic Earth Trilogy’s release. I will be informing you all when it is available and the various options you can use to purchase the novels. Thank you for revealing your interest to me

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