How responsibility changed my view of life

nature-conservation-480985_640I recall when I was a young pluviophile teenager, listening with joy to the rain outside my window and obtaining the serene peace of mind that is so hard to find in the buzz of the city life these days. The effect of the rain on me is not so much different today, I still love the rain tremendously, but growing up and gaining responsibilities as an adult has changed my view of it slightly.

My favourite season is and has always been spring, which brings with it the spring rain, amongst other beautiful things of nature. The winter period was also always a joy to me, with the dark mornings and street lights reflected off the wet morning roads. And I enjoy the cold of winter more than the heat of summer, simply because heating up in winter is always more pleasurable than trying to cool down in summer.

Responsibility is quickly changing my view of winter. As a father, it means I cannot play outside with my son or take him to the park. I cannot go out with my newborn babygirl, as it is really too cold for her. My wife misses the warmer weather and the things we used to do as a family in summer. I’m having to find innovative ways to spend time with my kids indoors, with is actually quite enjoyable now that I think about it.

My dogs, however, need to wait for a sunny day before I can take them for a walk again. My snakes sleep most of the time near their heating pads, and the hamsters cuddle to keep warm. And now that I am so obsessed with my bonsais, I cannot wait for warmer temperatures where I can watch them bloom and prune them into shape. I also have a few seeds waiting for the start of spring before I can plant them. The coming summer will be the first in my new house, which means I get to look forward to some serious garden and tree work.

I think it goes without saying that my love for the winter period is starting to fade…

The Count of Celenic Earth


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