Look forward to the advice you will give one day – enjoy the journey

sand-768783_640I’ve often wondered how many others like me have monitored their blog stats after a hard day’s work and wondered why there have been so little visitors and views, especially when you have linked your site to every possible social media available to you. For instance, on LinkedIn I have 172 connections as of today, but only 3 have viewed my latest post. My Celenic Earth website has become the same, with over 62 followers and only 1 view today. My posts get linked to Facebook, Twitter, MSNBC, etc, where there are millions of people online daily. So where is everyone? What is everyone up to?

No, I don’t take myself that seriously, as I am too excited about getting my trilogy released and launched. It does make me look forward to the day, though, that I get hundreds of hits daily and there is a hive of communication between me and my network of writers. I am excited about the future possibility of conversing with my readers about old and new work and encouraging new writers on their work-in-progress. And I look forward to telling someone else in the future how I had so few views on my posts and not to give up hope. It isn’t about getting there immediately and becoming popular overnight – rather, to quote Miley Cyrus, “It’s all about the climb”. Enjoy the journey while it is still young – enjoy every living breathing moment of it.

Thought I would share this last thought for the day, as it is not only relevant to books, writing, or in particular stats, but for any walk in life – ’nuff said.

The Count of Celenic Earth


5 thoughts on “Look forward to the advice you will give one day – enjoy the journey

      1. I see your point and I hadn’t even noticed that until now. I can only assume the “Likes” I have been getting are from the actual WordPress Reader then. I will work on this setting and see if I can add it


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