A thought on writing styles and planning

mood-637174_640What a lovely way to end a holiday away up north to attend a fantastic wedding – by finishing the work needed on the final drafts of the Celenic Earth Chronicles. Now my publisher just needs to complete the final touches, and thereafter I should be able to announce the release of the epic fantasy trilogy soon.

While I was away on my travels, another question that I’ve been asked frequently came to mind. It is one that I have specifically been asked in two magazine interviews – what is my writing style and how do I write?

This is a very important question, especially for readers who ask “Will I enjoy your books?”. When writing for a specific genre, it is essential to note that the key audience for which the novels have been written may find immense joy from reading it, while those not attuned to the genre may find it incredibly difficult to get into. Celenic Earth is predominantly epic fantasy, with hints of romance, mythology and philosophy finely etched within the stains of printed ink. I’ve had epic fantasy fans read my novels and give mixed reviews, but mostly positive. Friends, family and colleagues of mine (and some reviewers / critics who offered their services) who have never read fantasy found it incredibly difficult to get into (thank you for trying though, I really do appreciate it). This is because epic fantasy usually entails the use of some foreign places and names created by the author, sometimes with words that may be hard to pronounce for literary effect. Not everyone has the ability to imagine these worlds or create the mental imagery required to enjoy your world, and would simply wait to enjoy the movie. Therefore, some have not had the stamina to make it through the first part of my book, while others have read my novels a hundred times (thank you for enjoying it so much!). This is why authors have a target audience in mind when writing and marketing the novels.

I’ve met writers who have a very different methodology to me when writing their novels, and mostly because of our approach. When I set out to write Celenic Earth Chronicles, I first did some research on what it would take to get published. The most popular notion is that you would have to send some example chapters, with a synopsis of the plot  and a breakdown of each chapter. As I am very structured in my own logical frame of mind, this set the standard for writing novels for me. If this is what is expected from publishers, then it made sense to set out the synopsis and chapter breakdown first in spider-diagram format. This led the way for the planning of my novels and, once that was done, the writing came easy. The plot and various story-lines didn’t always stick exactly to the path set out for them, and certain things and characters found their way into it without being planned. Yet, the central core stayed in tact and somehow I followed through.

Why I say that other authors have different methodologies is because some writers just write. No plan, no basis on which to begin – they just write and see where the story and characters take them. I’ve never tried this method and I’m not sure if they ever succeeded with their novels, but it is a very interesting method indeed – one that I lack the personality / nature to perform. So kudos to you who are able to just blindly write and end up with a brilliant novel that sells spectacularly well. Maybe I will try it one day, but for now I prefer planning everything out, and then writing and letting my creative mind takeover.

So, you may not get through the first part of my epic fantasy novel; the scenery may just be too much for you or the story may just be too dull for you to take in. Or, you may strive to understand this world and end up reading it more times than I have. (Some of you even understand the world I created better than I do). To the former, I say, don’t worry, I will be trying my hand at other genres and perhaps then win your favour. To the latter, this is only a taste of things to come……

The Count of Celenic Earth


2 thoughts on “A thought on writing styles and planning

  1. I am one of those writers who sits down with a characters and a situation and ‘just writes’. And, it works for me. That said, I wrote non-fiction for many years prior to changing to fiction and for that, I began with a detailed outline. … Originally tried that method for fiction, but it didn’t work. At least not for me. I suspect this is because non-fiction provides the reader with information while fiction is mainly emotion-based.
    I wish you success with your Celenic Earth Chronicles.

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