The DreamWeaver Saga

surreal-749685_640I am aware of the fact that not everyone loves Horror. Therefore, my current and future fantasy readers may not be all that open to me moving towards a horror genre that is very dark in comparison to my Celenic Earth Chronicles.

Have no fear though. As I work on the Silent Hill novels, I am also working on the first book of my DreamWeaver Saga. This book will be very close to my heart, as it contains some of my own personal experiences with dreams and what I believe can be accomplished with them. It will be set in a fantasy world very different to Celenic Earth, and will contain elements of drama and romance. It is set to have a much slower pace than Celenic Earth, and has more of an introspective writing style whereby the protagonist needs to find a way to change himself before he can embark on his ability to weave dreams.

I am planning on releasing this book at the same time as the first Silent Hill novel, so that my fantasy readers (my core focus) will also have a new book to read when the horror book is released. Some more of this in the future….

The Count of Celenic Earth


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