The Celenic Earth Chronicles have arrived!


I have received my first draft copies of the Celenic Earth Chronicles to work through. They look so amazing in person, fresh in the hand and so very shiny. I don’t know how, but somehow African Publishers has compiled and printed these in such a way that I can’t believe I wrote them. They look so professional I could easily place them in my book rack among the best authors I have in my collection.

And now the self-control begins. I recall when I published “The Windfarer” and “The DragonRider” originally, I was given a chance to work through the books and decide if I wish to proceed. I was so excited about being published and getting the books out that I merely glanced through it and said “go ahead!”. I should have known better, as I have learnt the lesson of due diligence so often at work when compiling reports and presentations. The few book reviews I received at the time were great and motivational, but so often I heard that there were many formatting mistakes that the publisher should have picked up on. Sub-consciously I knew I would have picked up on it had I worked through it properly, so part of that blame is on me.

Having said that, you can work through a manuscript a hundred times and find a thousand ways to re-write or re-format a book. My reports and presentations went through so many alterations until we met the deadline and had to submit. Even after that, we found ways that they could have been improved on. So I know, even working through it diligently, there will always be room for improvement.

So… I will work through it once with a fine tooth comb, and then release for official publication.

The Count of Celenic Earth


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