The only multitasking skill I do have

As I await the arrival of my first copies of the Celenic Earth Chronicles, planning my marketing strategies and arranging distribution agreements, my work on Silent Hill 1 begins. Last night I spent some time developing the plot through each chapter and scene, while throwing in some interesting tidbits on another arc which has wormed its way into the story. Much like a television series (“Castle” and “Bones” come to mind), I enjoy adding elements into a novel which may be hinted at in each subsequent novel, culminating in a point where the elements find a resolution in their own novel. Silent Hill 2 and 4 games did this with hinting at the Walter Sullivan murders in 2 and then focusing “The Room” in 4 entirely on solving the murder cases and your role in Walter’s ritual. You can look forward to similar “Easter eggs” in my upcoming Silent Hill novels.

Further to the above, I have found a way to integrate two stories into one plot (something I quite enjoyed doing with the Celenic Earth Chronicles, albeit on a greater scale), however I cannot explain this mechanism without giving the plot away. Suffice it to say that two of my characters have found a way to deal with their own problems together, which has made for an exciting twist. Even with the thrilling turn of events, I am only at 20% planning mode though before I am comfortable with writing the first line of the book.

As if marketing, distribution agreements and writing a new novel is not enough, I am dying for exposure in the screenwriting arena. I have Final Draft 9, I worked through David Trottier’s “Screenwriter’s Bible” and I am awaiting my copy of Wallace Wang’s “How to Write a Great Script with Final Draft 9” to help me work through the spec script much faster while undertaking a crash course in the program. I have started some work on ideas for a new film (detailing the various Acts, defining the catalyst, big events, foreshadows, conflicts, the pinch, the crisis and the showdown, and currently determining the essential relationships) but I don’t feel properly motivated enough without a compelling reason to write the script. And then.. I found myself an assignment.

Cinequest is holding a screenwriting competition whereby you can submit a feature film, short story, or teleplay of any genre. This is a great time to discover it, as the deadline for early submissions has just closed and the deadline for regular submissions is 25 September. There are a great panel of judges who will not only read through your script for a decision on a winner, but may obtain a purchase of your script irrespective of whether you win or not. This seems to be a great way to get into the screenwriting scene, if only for some guidance from some of the greats and kick-starting a career in writing for films / games. Head on over to the Cinequest website if you feel you are also up for the challenge. Let me know if any of you have entered, this could be a fun and exciting journey.

Strangely enough, I can do all of the above and catalog everything I need to do in tidy files in my brain, but I can’t type and have a telephonic conversation at the same time…..   😛

The Count of Celenic Earth


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