Reviews you find after 8 years of being published…

I can quite easily recall the initial period of being published: having your work sent out to the world and anxiously awaiting the quarterly reports on sales. I remember receiving my reports from my former publisher and being informed that hardly any books were being sold. It only made me feel slightly despondent, since I wasn’t doing much back then to promote myself. Luckily, I had the voice of family and friends to spur me on, even though I could never really see myself stop writing.

I had received two formal reviews during 2008 on “The Windfarer”, some positive critique that at least helped me feel that I was set on some path towards improved writing… it also helped me feel like there was some hope for me. The sales reports from my former publisher just kept coming back as “no sales”, even though I had friends that informed me that they had purchased the novel.

And then suddenly today, while working on some online marketing and arranging agreements with distributors, I came across some websites where “The Windfarer” had been reviewed by people that had obtained and read my books. Somewhere out there in the world I had a small fanbase that I was unaware of, with opinions to the likes of:

  • “This book helped me to look from the other side on my own problems”
  • “Nice book to disperse loneliness”
  • “I have no words to express my thoughts. It’s perfect in every sense!”
  • “Impressive book, rich in content and with colorful illustrations”
  • “It is easy to characterize this book in one word – masterpiece!”
  • “Be ready that your life will be changed if you read this masterpiece

Don’t believe me? Check out Awabisushi for one of the sites that had the most reviews. GoodReads gets me some 3 – 4 out of 5 stars by reviewers with some positive reinforcement and great advice. So some rhetorical questions come to mind: who are these people and how did they get my books if there were “no sales”? Furthermore, how could I get hold of them to give me some more impressive reviews for the next two books? 😀

On a serious note, it is always a good feeling to get such a positive response to work you put so much energy and emotion into. This new website is also revealing an overwhelming interest in my novels from international locations such as the United States, Ireland and Canada. I would love to discuss my work further with readers to get an even better idea of just how much they enjoy my novels and what their favourite parts of the novels are…so look forward to a novel feedback page where you can share your personal experience with Shadowolf’s journey…

The Count of Celenic Earth


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