Shadowolf reborn

Good morning Shadow Clan! I am very pleased to announce two things. First and foremost, the establishment of a new website for my novels (to whom I owe the greatest thanks to Ulfah for introducing me to blogging – I had to step out of the Ark at some point), and secondly the upcoming release of the Celenic Earth trilogy featuring the first Shadowolf Volume.

It has taken me some time to get back on my literary feet. Publishing the first two novels in the series in 2007 and 2008 feels like yesterday, together with all the friendships and relationships I had back then. Years of academic engagement enlightened me thereafter, together with focussing on some key career objectives. Through those years I made news friends and new relationships, including meeting my wife and thereafter bringing two children into this world. It has been a busy seven years, but I never stopped dreaming; the tales that ached to be written still kept the author in me alive.

The adventures I’ve had these last years deserve novels of their own, and I have no doubt some of them will find their way into future work. The writer in me never had peace though, thankfully; from preparing reports and policies for executive management to writing 50 000 words for assignments towards my Degree, it has been a intellectually stimulating and maturing experience. I hope the lessons I have learnt will carry into my new work.

Which is the perfect segue for discussing my new novels. I am currently working on two stories at the same time, a Silent Hill novel and book 1 of my “Damned Souls” saga. Since both are in the survival horror genre, it makes it easy to intertwine ideas and notions and tease my fingers along the ‘gruesome’ scale. I have also started planning work on my first crime novel, but a bit more on that another time.

I’ve started to dabble with other writing mechanisms. I’ve recently obtained Final Draft 9, which means I can take what I’ve learnt from the ‘Screenwriter’s Bible’ of David Trotter (thank you Elleni!) and put my creative talent into greater action. I’m busy planning a movie series at the moment, working on the catalysts, big events, pinches and crisis points in the ever-evolving movie sequences. Screenwriting has opened my eyes to a whole new world, but cannot completely steer me away from my love for novels.

Which returns me to my Shadowolf series. It seems everything is just about ready for the release of the Celenic Earth trilogy. The launch of the books will be announced on every media available to me, and I will create the links for ordering the novels. Please let me know if you have obtained a copy that you would like a signature for, or if you would like to order a signed copy. Everything is possible with today’s technology, even signed e-book versions of the novels.

Concerning this site in general, I hope you find a home in it. I will be making several pages not related to my books, for starters on bonsais and guitars. In these last years I have spent some obsessive hours researching and relaxing with both, getting me through some of my hardest time. Maybe these pages may be helpful to a beginner like so many sites have been to me.

And with that… I bid you farewell for the moment….

The Count of Celenic Earth


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